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The age that defines the young and old. It seems to be that dreaded age that you need everything to be figured out. Hence, the pressure is on when you hit your mid-twenties. Despite these seemingly unattractive bits, there are things that thirty-something are certainly grateful for.

Listed below are the thirty something I have gained for just being alive for three decades.

1. Kiss your mom. Hug her tight. Date her often.

2. To witness someone so dear take his last breath and the only thing you can do is tell him you love him over and over again, in dire hope he’d still hear it, until he breathe his last; will always be the greatest heartache.

3. With or without kids, at his teens or in his 50’s, I’d still link arms, kiss his cheeks and hug him tight. My baby brother will always be my baby brother. Some things sure does not change.

4. Coffee will get you through anything. Almost.

5. Friends will keep you from doing insane things. But best friends will tempt you to do the crazy.

6. Writing cures the soul.

7. It does not matter how much you want it, sometimes it is just not meant to be. But hey, be stubborn anyway.

8. A smile and thank you can get you to places.

9. Money makes everything seem so easy. I wouldn’t know if it makes some things difficult though.

10. Wander. Roam. Drift.

11. Love is like every poet has ever written.

12. Heartbreak can never compare to the poems ever written.

13. Give yourself some love. Apply sunscreen daily.

14. Being lazy is a luxury.

15. Loving the sea does not mean you hate the heights. Try climbing mountains too.

16. We all have our bad days. Be understanding.

17. Decisions are based on biases and fears.

18. The world will always have their opinion whatever you do. Stop hesitating.

19. Regrets. Sigh.

20. There is time for everything. There would not be enough time for everything.

21. There is beauty in impending catastrophe.

22. Tequila, the best alcohol to get intoxicated with. Just as this certain person, the best in getting tipsy with.

23. To be kissed ferociously that there’d be no chance to think where this deed may lead; bliss or misery.

24. Hugs will always be a booster. It does not matter if its front hug, back hug or side hugs.  But the best hug comes from the person you miss the most.

25. If you want your heart to race; run kilometers or climb mountains.

26. Nobody is entirely happy with their appearance. Find you best asset and work with it.

27. In another person’s book, you are the antagonist.

28. The runway is the best view when your vision’s all blurry due to tears welling up.

29. Know your love language. Know his love language. Know her love language.

30. Life will just get better from here on.

I guess it isn’t so bad being in their thirties. So for those who are teasing me about my age, I promise I would not sulk anymore. Hey, you’ll all catch up too.

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