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Easy Five for Bullet Journal Neophytes

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Who does not go through a work day without having to check your to-do list? Here I am frantically waving my two hands. Most of us usually have listed our daily, weekly, monthly and even up to yearly plans. Planning clearly helps us in getting organized and become more efficient and effective with our activities. But how about our normal and daily lives? Do we need to plan it out? I dare say YES! We plan out our work activities how much more our own personal goals and dreams. Wait! I know most of you would probably say that setting personal goals can get frustrating but I am going to talk about that in another blog. Right now, it’s all about planning and getting organized.

Planning can get quite exhausting especially if you do not know where to start. It is important to know your goals and specific actions in order for those goals to be within reach . But most of the time it is not on the lack of planning but on the weak tracking and monitoring that hinder us from achieving our goals. Good thing I came across bullet journal about two years ago. Bullet journal has kept me into checking my goals, tasks and to do lists. So what is a bullet journal? Read on my five steps to start your own bullet journal.

1. Choose a journal

Any journal or notebook can be used for your bullet journal. If you want to customize, it is advisable to choose a blank notebook with dotted grid as an easier guide in setting up your spreads.


Right now, I am using the Where to Next? planner which already has templates.

2. Know the keys

Since bullet journal is mostly on monitoring, it is essential to have legend for the status of tasks.


Definitely a great feeling to put an “X” mark next to a certain task.

3. Logs, logs and more logs

It consists of yearly, monthly and daily logs.


An overview of how the year will be.



Activities needed to be accomplished within the month.



Day to-day battles are written here. Thinking of adding a gratitude box on my next spread just to balance everything out.

4. Adding your personality

These are trackers on your personal goals which can be set in a yearly or monthly basis.


Yoga is something I am passionate about, hence a spread on my practice.

5. Getting involved

I usually visit my bullet journal at least thirty minutes every morning and night.  A way to somehow de-clutter my mind and a good way to relieve stress.

Bullet journal is a good way of getting organized, constantly motivated and keeping in touch with your innate artist. How cool is that? But no need to get intimidated on how appealing it should look in terms of the theme, font and colors. As long as you can keep those goals track because let’s face it our dreams won’t make something out of themselves.

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