Bantayan Island,

It won’t be in vain

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I light this half-burned red candle. I watch its flame flicker against the breeze.  “Am I meeting you now?” I mumbled softly.

How long has it been since I started this prayer? I am not sure if I’d meet you in a coffee shop or a quaint bookstore. If you’d be wearing your work uniform or your gym clothes. If you’d smell musky like your favorite perfume or clean as freshly laundered clothes.

I am waiting for you.

I kept myself busy all these time. Family, friends and work has been making me happy and very much occupied. Yoga, traveling and writing. Yes, I have ticked things on my to-do list in this lifetime. You should know I have so much more left in store. Some of which I wanted to put an “X” mark; together with you. I hope you too had things you wanted to do.

I am excited to know you.

I love talking over coffee and warm, tight hugs. I have a tendency of fixing every skewed collar I see; be it from acquaintances or strangers. Don’t freak out if I reach out to fix it for you or for other people. I am emotional. When I am angry; my voice shakes, my hands tremble and my eyes water. If you don’t mind, what are your pet peeves?

I am praying for you.

I totally disagree that I have high standards. But I am a firm believer that one must have standards.  I don’t want just any relationship. I want a relationship with you. You who would give me clarity instead of confusion. You who wouldn’t make me feel that I am only settling.

As I blow out the flame from this half-burned candle, there is this flicker of hope. Hope that I would bump into you today. But if it’s not today, I still smile from within. Knowing that any day would be the day I get to know you.

2 thoughts on “It won’t be in vain

    1. I also love Tagpuan by Moira. I cried when I first heard the song. Yes let’s live our lives to the fullest with or without that significant person. ☺


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