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Who says I need a crown?

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It’s Christmas once again and definitely a time for parties and more parties. From not forgetting your group’s choreography to wishing you’d get picked to win the raffle’s major prize is in itself filled with anticipation. But preparations for the most beautiful time of the year is also a tad taxing and expensive especially if there is a theme involved.

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Laguna: Being a kid all over again

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My mom has been protective of me ever since I was a kid. Well yes, up until now, she’d be the same mom; asking the itinerary of my travels, who you’re with and what time you’d be coming home. Naturally when we’d go to carnivals, we just rode the “safe” rides. No ferris wheels and roller coaster of sorts.

Indochina: Crossing borders

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Our Indochina trip is the first international trip that most of our friends have (and that includes me by the way). One of our friends acted as the main organizer of the trip while most of us helped out in confirming our accommodations, places to visit and food to try (I volunteered for the food).