Going naked and organic on my tresses


Plastic pollution has become a global concern. With the advent of technology and our pursuit for convenience, the increase of plastic use has also soared.

These past years we have heard marine animals washed on shore. Their deaths due to ingestion of plastic wastes. Recently, micro plastics were found in marine animals which end up on our tables and ultimately in our bodies.

Due to the alarming situations of improper disposal of plastic wastes, organizations have established varied environmental programs. Reduction of single use plastic is one way to alleviate this environmental concern. Through reduction at source, we can greatly guarantee that a great number of plastic wastes will not end up in the ocean.

We use a lot of products made of plastics or packaged using plastics. Due to our love for certain brands because of its effectiveness or cost, we simply cannot let the product go or find any other alternative.

I have been in constant search for the best shampoo and conditioner for my thinning hair. Anti-hair fall, damaged control, herbal shampoo; I have tried them all and yet, I still have falling hair. My hair is naturally fine and sparse. But now that I have reached my 30’s, I have become worried since my scalp was already showing.

A friend then found Chin’s Vegan on instagram and we bought shampoo and conditioner. I got two variants for the shampoo, the Castille and the Gugo Aloe Gumamela. They came wrapped in manila paper with the name of the variant written on them. They are organic naked bars.


These are the shampoo bars which cost PhP 150. I bring them during my travels since they double as soap. The conditioner bar costs PhP 150.

During the first month, my hair would feel oily and they get clumped together as what the reviews say. It leaves a clean scent on you hair, not floral or sweet like any shampoo I have tried. It lathers well but as you work your way through your hair, the suds eventually disappears.

My hair feels soft and I don’t have the sticky feeling on my hair after two months of use. At this time, Chin’s Vegan was also selling conditioner bars which are sold in this cute heart or flower shaped bars. They smell amazing, silky to touch when wet and easy to work with the hair.

I have been using these two products for six months already and I have no complaints. I have an oily scalp, so I need to wash my hair everyday which would lead to more breakage. But using the shampoo and conditioner bar, I can go a day without washing my hair and it would still smell good. I don’t feel hot or itchy either.

My hair is definitely healthier. I cannot say that hair is already growing on my thinning spots but I have lesser hair fall which made me really happy. For the price and the results, I can say it is worth it. You should check out Chin’s Vegan for their products. Who knows you might find a shampoo bar which suits your needs and definitely would suit mother nature’s as well.

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