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Getting ready: Morning skin care routine

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I have received quite a few questions regarding my skin care routine the past month. So here I am listing what goes down on my morning routine.

I have started taking my skin care seriously when I reached my mid-twenties. As time goes by, I have made a few changes in my routine. These might be due to time constraints and of course the trendy products such as Korean and organic skin care.

Right now, I am quite contented with my morning skin care routine. So if you are interested to know more; then read on.

1. Facial Wash

I start with a gentle facial wash. I would squeeze a peso-coin size and lather it up before applying it on my face. I usually massage it on my face and neck around one minute before rinsing it off.

2. Toner

Currently I am using a toner without alcohol content. During my younger days, I would use toner which stings and I felt that it is doing its job. But now, the more gentle the better they are for me. I would use a round cotton pad or just use my bare hands.

When I use  a cotton pad, I’d slip it between my ring finger, middle finger and index finger and I’d swipe it in gentle motions all over my face and neck.  If I’d use my hands, I would just tap the product on my face and neck.

3. Serum

Now that I am in my thirties I am quite concerned on wrinkles. Thus, I have started applying Vitamin C and Vitamin E serum. Serums are potent, so I’d just apply three drops and massage it all over my face and neck.

4. Facial Oil

Yes, in a tropical country like the Philippines, I dare use facial oil in the morning. My skin is already quite oily but still I want them moisturized than barren-dry. I chose a facial oil that’s light weight and does not seem too oily when applied.

5. Eye cream

Even when I am still in my elementary days, I always had puffy eye bags. During college they had evolved into dark and puffy eye bags. In order for them to look better, I had always applied creams that would lighten their color or reduce their puffiness.

In my mid twenties I have shifted to products that would lessen wrinkles and lighten dark bags. I would squeeze a small amount of product on my ring finger and put them on light tapping motion. The excess product, I would use them on my smile lines, around my lips and above my eyebrows. These are areas which usually have an early development of wrinkles.

6. Anti-aging day cream

By the age of twenty-five I have already started using anti-aging creams. Because I wanted to age gracefully.

7. Moisturizer

Aside from the facial oil, I use collagen moisturizer to help fight the signs of aging and maintain that youthful glow.

8. Sunblock

I never leave the house without using sunblock. Sunblock for the face must be absorbed in the skin and does not leave sticky feeling on the skin. Also, a good sunblock should not affect the quality of your make-up.

9. Lip balm

Apply generous amount of lip balm to keep the lips soft and supple.

10. Mist

I finish everything with a mist. Three to four pumps should do the trick. I also bring them with me to freshen me throughout the day.

Looking at my skin care regimen, I did not know that it be quite a list. But no matter how short or long they are as long as you stick with it and it works for you then it is as good as anybody else’s.

I hope I get to answer some of my friends’ questions on how I do my skin care. And I am more than happy if I get to influence them in taking that extra mile for their skin.

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