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Getting unready: Bedtime skin care routine

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I have already shared my morning skin care routine weeks ago and you know what this means? My bedtime skin care routine! So are you ready to get unready?

1. Make-up remover

Usually I skip this step because I do not apply make-up often. But when I do, I use coconut oil. A few drops on a cotton pad to remove that long-lasting liquid lipstick or wet a cotton swab to gently remove mascara and eyeliner.

2. Facial wash

I use the same facial wash as my morning skin care routine. I count up to sixty while massaging my skin to ensure that I had thoroughly cleansed my face.

3. Facial scrub

There was a time when I had a really rough face. It would have the the same texture as sandpaper when I rubbed my jaw. By exfoliating twice a week, I managed to lessen the roughness of my face.

4. Lip scrub

In order for the lips to remain soft and supple and to look flawless when wearing liquid lipstick, a lip scrub is in order. I do this once a week to every other week. Just mix some coconut oil and brown sugar to form a paste and scrub away. Who knows you might get some lip action so it’s better to be prepared.

5. Sheet masks

If you want to look radiant, then a sheet mask is all you need. A sheet mask before a very important event or date can really do wonders on the skin. I usually do a twice a month sheet mask session depending on my skin condition and if I am feeling quite lavish. Sheet masks are quite expensive.

The extra essence left on the pouch are not wasted. I rub them on my neck, arms, hands and feet too.

6. Toner

After patting my skin dry, I apply toner all over my face and neck.

7. Face serum

To keep wrinkles at bay, I use Vitamin C and Vitamin E serum. Just three drops for your face and neck.

8. Facial oil

Three to four drops of facial oil and gently heat it in between the palms before massaging it onto the face. I would apply upward motions on my jaw and forehead for blood to circulate.

9. Eye cream

I use my eye cream on the bags under my eyes, smile lines and around my lips.

10. Anti-aging night cream

Another product to keep my skin from having wrinkles is an anti-aging night cream. I use just enough product to cover my face and neck.

11. Moisturizer

I lock everything with a moisturizer. I use a collagen moisturizer to address early signs of aging.

12. Lip balm

Wake up to kissable lips by applying lip balm before getting some Z’s.

Unfortunately I cannot commit to these steps on days that I get home late (i.e., early morning). That’s why I have stocked up on micellar wet wipes to just rub off dirt and grime on my face before calling it a day. And by the way, getting enough sleep is the last step of any bedtime skin care routine.

Skin care routine can either be a task or therapy. But I say both. It can be time-consuming but it is something that is therapeutic too. It slows you down after all the rushing during the day. Bedtime skin care routine is like having that mini-spa time daily and who wouldn’t want that?

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