A year and a half after Microblading

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It has been a year and a half since I decided to take my eye brow game a step further through microblading. To say the that I am beyond happy is an understatement. (Check out my blog post on Microblading procedure.) Let me list down the advantages of getting them done.

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My brows before I got my Microblading procedure.

1. No purchasing of eye brow powders, pencils or gels. More budget allocated on skin care.

2. Less time on perfecting those brows every single day. Extra time for meditating.

3. Less hassle when it comes to working out. More focus on your Chaturanga Dandasana form.

4. Raining? No problemo! Zero chances of getting them washed off.

5. No smudges in case of kisses and hugs.

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These are how my eye brows came out after I got the Microblading procedure.

After retouching my eye brows, they look darker. Now, they are lighter and more natural looking. I have visited the clinic after nine months; Loveli Skin as to where I got the Microblading procedure and the aesthetician is quite glad with the results. The pigment have set in and it was clear that I have taken good care of my eye brows despite my almost weekly trips to the beach.

Let me run down the steps that I have taken that they are still looking good until now.

1. Follow the after care procedure. It is a crucial step in maintaining the pigments onto the skin. Hence no picking of scabs, no sun exposure. Do no wet the brows (no working out or showers) for seven days. No beaches for two months and no pools for a month.

2. After the scabs have fallen off and renewed skin is here. Moisturize the brows in the morning and night.

3. Apply sunblock on them precious eye brows. I dab sunblock on my eye brows and spread them evenly.

These are just simple, but tried and tested ways of prolonging the life span of the pigments on the eye brows.


These are my brows after I filled them with a black eye brow pencil.

Usually the pigment would last from two months up to two years, depending on the after care. Right now, I am planning to get them retouched since some parts were already faded. I am still scheduling the perfect time due to my frequent beach trips and other important happenings in my life (i.e., adulting). Truly, Microblading is one of the best beauty investments I had.

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