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Iloilo-Antique: Hello Wednesday

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Straight from work we boarded the Cebu-Iloilo plane in our uniforms. After numerous failed attempts of travelling together, finally we made it happen.

We arrived at our accomodation which was booked for only PhP 1,500 a night. It is a two-room house located in a subdivision. It has four beds, a living area, toilet & bath and a kitchen equipped with a stove, refrigerator and a mini bar.

After a quick run through of our itinerary tomorrow, we called it a night.

Day 1: Miagao Church, University of the Philippines Visayas & Garin Farm.

We woke up at around 7 AM and had the luxury of taking our sweet time. We had breakfast while catching up with each other’s lives before heading out to Miagao.

It is a two hour drive from where we were staying. We passed through fields and my eyes were getting the necessary detox that it needs.

First on the list is Miagao Church. When we arrived, there was still a wedding ceremony that was happening. It would be nice walking down the aisle of an old church.

Iloilo, Philippines, Travel, Miagao, Visayas, Western Visayas

I was aware that we would be visiting Miagao church so I apologize for my top and short shorts.

We had our lunch in Sulu, a Japanese restaurant near the University of the Philippines. After we had our fill, we did a university tour of the UP Miagao campus by our Iskolar ng Bayan friends.

The campus is so huge. It has the biggest land area of all the University of the Philippines’ campuses.

Iloilo, Philippines, Miagao, University of the Philippines, Visayas, Oblation, Travel

I would have graduated in UP if I did pursue taking up Accountancy. But I still am an Iska (Hello UP High School!).

On to our last itinerary of the day, Garin Farm and Pilgrimage at San Joaquin. We paid PhP 150 per person. Upon entering the gates, a foul smell greeted us. Cages and cages of chicken lined up the sides of the pathway. Despite wanting to get pictures, we brisked walk all the way to the pilgrimage site.

We started going up the stairs at around three in the afternoon. Hence, every landing we would always catch our breath and wipe our sweat. There are life size structures om every landing which is according to Jesus’ life.

Iloilo, Philippines, Visayas, Garin Farm, Travel, Pilgrimage

A blinding sight to behold at Garin Farm. The all white cross and structures against the dark blue sky.

We finally reached the last landing and we were directed at a dark tunnel leading up to this all white gates, floor and structures. There were angel sculptures at the each side leading to a gate. Upon entering the gate, a huge cross was at the center and life size white structure surrounding it. As music played, I imagined this would probably be what heaven is like.

Day 2: Tibiao River and Kayak Inn

We were supposed to go to Guimaras unfortunately due to the southwest monsoon, boats were not allowed to travel. Hence, we decided to go to Mararison Island instead. The little Batanes of Western Visayas.

We woke up early even if we only had three hours of sleep. Travel time is estimated to be five hours from Iloilo City to Tibiao, Antique. We took a bus with a Kalibo signage. I slept all through the entire ride and woke up with a bruised head from all the bumping I got from the bus’ window.

We reached Tibiao and hailed motorcycles to take us to Kayak Inn. The caretaker let us choose the activities we wanted from Water tubing, Kayaking and Rafting. We ended up choosing Kawa Bath since we were trying to reach Mararison Island before sunset.

Antique, Philippines, Visayas, Travel, Tibiao River, Kawa, Kawa bath

Trying so hard not to tear up as I enjoyed the hot kawa bath at Kayak Inn.

We went down to see the clear waters of Tibiao river before immersing ourselves in own herbal kawa. Each kawa costs PhP 250 for thirty minutes. The water was extremely warm that I was sweating and my cheeks were flushed. My eyes were tearing up because of the smoke from the burnt wood.

After that relaxing bath, we went back to the main road to travel to Culasi before heading to Mararison Island. However, our contact told us that no boat would take us to the island. So with a heavy heart we decided to go back to Iloilo City.

Another five hours bus ride resulted to a very famished and tired bunch. We had to take down a spaghetti platter and three boxes of pizza before having a massage. That very long travel had me snoring mid-massage though.

Day 3: Iloilo City Tour

Our cancelled island trip has resulted to a food trip instead. If it is up to me, it’s not so bad at all. We had our breakfast at Netong’s La Paz Batchoy near the market. We ordered the Special Batchoy and All Beef Batchoy for Php 90 and PhP 110. The puto which was sold for PhP 15 for three pieces was to die for. They are chewy and taste just right.

Iloilo, Batchoy, Travel, Visayas, Puto, Food

Super Special Batchoy is a noodle soup with pork organs. It is quite filling if paired with puto wrapped in banana leaves.

It ain’t breakfast if it does not have coffee. Hence, we had our morning shot at Madge Cafe which is also located in La Paz market. It is a quaint place and had customers filled most of its tables. I had a cold cappucino for PhP 50. It is delicious but too sweet for me. Wish I had requested for a lesser sugar.

Iloilo, Visayas, Philippines, Coffee, Food, Travel

Lucky we spot an empty table at Madge Cafe.

We visited Jaro Cathedral, Megaworld, Molo Mansion and Molo Cathedral before heading out to Iloilo airport.

Jaro, Iloilo, Jaro Church, Visayas, Philippines Travel

A wish for the first visit at Jaro Cathedral.

Despite the cancelled trips to Guimaras and Mararison Island, the food trip and camaraderie (not to mention the tequila shots) made up for it. The trip was quite short despite it was long weekend. Maybe next time, we’d get to extend another day. By then it’s gonna be a Hello Wednesday.

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