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What to get on your birthday?

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Happy Birthday!

Another year has come, another birthday. And here you are getting that VIP treatment fit for the birthday celebrant. But before you check if all your close friends have greeted you and your special someone gifting you something that you like (and constantly talked about), have you thought about getting something for yourself?

Some of us just thought of our birthdays as a passing moment. A day you get well wishes and an excuse to get drunk (well not exactly but you do get the point) but we have never thought about getting something for our dear selves.

So, I have rounded up a list of “birthday gifts” one can give to oneself on one’s birthday.

1. Insurance

Most Filipinos do not have a health or life insurance because of the mentality that we get to put our money to something we cannot see or be certain about ( since it is only on paper). Aside from being costly, we always think that there are more important expenses.

However, getting an insurance is a must especially for breadwinners. Getting sick or dying (some are quite uncomfortable with this topic) can break the bank; empty our savings and can put us in huge debts for us and our loved ones.

2. Travel

Birthday or not, travelling is a great way to relax and reward oneself after hours of working. You can either go on a solo trip or you can have friends join you. Go to places you have never been to. Admire landscapes, eat delicacies, learn history and socialize with locals and tourists.

3. Enroll in classes

Most of us have list of what we wanted to learn or do. Why not enroll in classes? Pole dancing, swimming or calligraphy, anything that interests you. I am pretty sure that there are institutions that are offering lessons for whatever you wanted to learn. Who knows this can probably lead you to your new found passion.

4. Beauty procedure

Investing in one’s physical appearance can do wonders to one’s confidence. Looking good can make you feel good which in turn could make you glow and have that extra bounce on your step.

If you are new to beauty procedure, you might start with facials. Or you might consider getting a procedure for a beauty concern such as warts or unwanted hair.

Birthdays are happy occassions. These are days when we don’t feel any guilt on putting ourselves first. Days you don’t mind getting too much attention. So hug your friends and family tighter, offer you cheek (both cheeks) for some birthday kisses and let your loved ones spoil you just this once.

Enjoy your birthday (but slow down on the alcohol)!


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