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Camiguin: Birthday trip

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I was planning to have a solo trip to Camiguin earlier this year but due to priorities, I decided to move it to my birth month as a self-gift (check my blog for other birthday gift ideas). So, how come I had friends with me on this trip? Well, I need to have great pictures for this birthday blog.

Camiguin is an island of known as Island born of fire because ot its seven volcanoes. Who would have thought this tiny island would inhabit volcanoes, water falls, cold and hot springs. An island packed with wonders for those who wants adventure or peaceful retreats.

How to get to Camiguin?

We got our Cebu Pacific plane tickets from Cebu to Camiguin and vice versa quite early so we had them quite cheap (at around PhP 1,130 per way per person). The flights are scheduled around noon, so our itinerary is quite full since we just plan to stay for three days and two nights.

Where to stay in Camiguin?

Camiguin Volcano Houses is located in Binunsaran, Camiguin. We booked a room good for two persons for two nights at Php 3,150 through An additional of PhP 150 for the extra matress if you have an additional person.

The property is situated at the hill side of Mount Hibok-Hibok. You need to ride a motorcycle from the city proper. The mountain air is cold as we travelled to Camiguin Volcano Houses.

White Island is visible from the road. Fare is PhP 300 per person. You can arrange with the driver to pick you up since no public transportation will pass by the area as well as the intermittent signal.

Camiguin, Camiguin Volcano Houses, Philippines, Mountain, Travel, Travel on a budget

Took a picture of every corner of this beautiful house.

The all wooden three storey house surrounded by the forest is really picturesque. A lot of wow’s escaped my lips as I explore each corner of the house. At night, you can see the forest though the all glass doors and windows which makes it quite creepy if you have a very active imagination.

The house is equipped with a kitchen where you can cook. We just bought groceries from Gaisano Camiguin (closing time is 7 PM) to cook our breakfast.

What places to visit?

DAY 1:

We started our day late around 3PM after we had lunch at Samuel’s (great tasting food for the price) and explore the house.

Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan falls is one of the two waterfalls in Camiguin. Entrance fee costs PhP 50. We just admired the water falls and took loads of picture. We wanted to take a dip but we were quite looking forward to our next destination.

Water falls, Katigbawasan falls, Camiguin, Philippines, Travel on a budget

The water came all the way up in from the lush mountains.

Ardent Hot Spring

At an entrance fee of PhP 50, Ardent Hot Spring should be a part of your itinerary. There are around four basins to choose from. However, there is only one that is “hot”. But we did not get the chance to go there because it was the smallest basin and there were a lot of tourists already bathing in it. So we just settled on our tap- water temperature basin.

DAY 2:

Planned to leave the house at 6AM but left at around 7AM. We took our sweet time cooking breakfast and some chit chat.

Mantigue Island

The boat costs PhP 580, Environmental fee of PhP 30 per person and Brgy. fee of Php 20. We traveled 15 minutes from the main island and for a PhP 200 we circumnavigated Mantigue Island while the boat guide lectured.

Mantigue Island, Camiguin, Philippines, Travel on a budget, Island life

This magnificent view of the main island of Camiguin.

We saw the snorkeling sites and the shoreline of the Mantigue island. The boat guide entertained us with the island’s history as well as the current situation in the island. There are no more residents of the island as of June 2019 due to the government’s mandate.

Mantigue Island, Camiguin, Philippines, Travel on a budget, Island

This is why friends are needed when you go on a birthday trip. Pictures!

The sand is white and the water is of clear turquoise blue. I would gladly stay for the entire day but White island still awaits.

White Island

During our trip back, we were swept by heavy rains and thunder. Hence, when we arrived at the port to White Island it has already closed due to the sudden outpour.

Sto. Niño Cold Spring

After the whole day going around the island in a motorcycle and swimming under the heat of the sun, a cold dip sounds relaxing right?.Entrance fee in Sto. Niño Cold Spring for a PhP 50 and the picnic shed at PhP 75.

Camiguin, Sto. Niño Cold Spring, spring, Philippines, Travel on a budget

The water is like freakin’ iced water. Screamed a bit when I entered the water.

The Beehive

To celebrate my birthday, we had dinner at The Beehive. The burger is highly recommended. They also carry organic products such as coffee. We purchased its Tropical fruit jam for pasalubong.

Camiguin, The beehive, Philippines

Having dinner while looking at the calm sea sounds romantic.

Day 3:

We spent our last morning in Camiguin Volcano House. We had the entire house to ourselves, hence we took the opportunity to take some cool pictures.

Where to buy pasalubong?

We stopped by VK’s delicacy for some Lanzones tart. The Lanzones Ice cream is definitely a five star for me. It is creamy, slightly tart and not so sweet. If only I could bring some of the home.

We also bought some lansones (which my Mom messaged me). A kilo costs PhP 50. There were no huge plantation of lanzones but every house have a lanzones tree.

If I had to choose the best moments of the entire trip, it would be those tequila nights and the chaos while cooking breakfast. The conversation with friends who encourages you as well as the jokes thrown over the kitchen counter. What better way to celebrate your birthday by getting the affirmation that you are doing alright.


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