My underarm routine

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The pursuit to pretty underarms had led me to this six step underarm routine.

Four years ago, I was not that confident in wearing sleeveless tops or dresses because of my underarms. They were dark and had chicken skin. Because of my constant beach trips, it has strengthen my resolve to address my underarm issue.

Below is my current six step underarm routine which I religiously do in the morning and night.

1. Cleanse

I use Mary Elizabeth R’s Sensi soap to cleanse my underarms. The soap promises to whiten dark spots and exfoliate the skin as it contains sunflower oil, rosehip oil and rice bran oil. Plus the soap is in a pretty yellow color, which by the way smells heavenly, that makes you want to use it.

At night, if I came home late, I just use cotton pads doused in micellar water and wipe away the dirt of my underarms.

2. Scrub

A Bonnè Spa Milk Salt, which I use all over my body, works also on my under arms. It is in a creamy formula which works well on damp skin. I usually use this evey other day at day time. A light circular motion on the skin is enough to slough off dead skin.

3. Toner

Who says you cannot put toner on your pits? I use a light toner with no alcohol content. Right now, I am looking for alternative for my current product. Applying toner can improve the texture of your underarms. I apply toner right after cleansing and scrubbing my under arms.

4. Whiten

V&M Naturals CPC+G oil which is always out of stock in BeautyMNL work wonders on my pits. The oil is a holy grail. It contains Japanese Camellia, Calamansi, Papaya and Grapefruit Oil. It lighten my underarms and had made them smoother. The oil can be used on other parts of you body like elbows, knees and even on your butt cheeks. Use the oil after putting on the toner.

5. Moisturize

Just like every part of your skin, our pits need to be constanly moisturized. I use Esfolio’s Aloe gel to keep them supple. This aloe gel is perfect for sensitive skin as well on my underarms.

6. Deodorize

This has got to be the most difficult product to choose. I have tried various deodorant or anti-perspirant which promises to whiten underarms in weeks. But all of them had left me as frustrated as before I started using them.

Until I came across Milcu. It is a deodorizing powder which can also be used as foot powder. It is quite affordable as well as effective. Now that what makes a product great.

Initially I have just started with finding the right deodorant for me as well as the scrub. As time passes, my simple underarm routine had become a six step underarm routine.

My underarms are far from “celebrity underarms” but I am happy that I get to show them without being shy. I hope my underarm routine can help you start your own routine. It really doesn’t matter how many steps it contains, so as long we start paying attention to our underarms.

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