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Bikini all day. Everyday.

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Summer out. Rainy season in.

Bikinis out. Jackets in.


In the Philippines, summer is all year round. But before slipping into your favorite red cheeky bikini, let me ask you this question. Are you ready? Are you bikini-ready?

You can always hide your unwanted areas by choosing swimwear styles that would stategically hide them.  But no bikini or swimsuit can hide legs, groin or butt cheeks (unless you are wearing shorts on top of your swimsuit).

So here are my five tips for your bikini ready groin and butt whole year round. To those who have always wondered and asked how I confidently pose in bikinis, then read on.

1. Choose your underwear

Wearing tight underwear can cause friction thus darken groin and bikini line. You can opt to wear lacey or seamless underwear. Seamless and lacey underwear are great investments too *wink*.

2. Scrub regularly

I dedicate some time for scrubbing with some shower salt that lightens the skin. This is to remove dead skin and have smoother skin. You can get rid of those bumpy skin condition too. But careful on the scrubbing babe.

3. Slather lotion or aloe gel

Slather these goodies on the area after scrubbing. Keeping your skin moisturized will also keep those stretchmarks at bay (they are still there though).

4. Oils and balm

There are treatment oils that contains ingredients that help whiten bikini line and groin. I am using V&M CPC+G oil and Exfobalm. These products are usually out of stock. So I am looking for alternatives since I need to buy another bottle soon.

My bikini line is far from celebrity’s standard. But by these little steps, I have increased my confidence in  wearing my swimsuit. I hope these tips would help you confidently wear your swimmies too.

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