Shooting targets

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For the longest time, I have wanted to try target shooting. But I guess the moment was not right until now.

When I had learned that a group of friends would go shooting, I incessantly asked them if I could tag along. Luckily, they let me.

The shooting range was located in Lapu-Lapu City. When we arrived at the parking lot, I could hear the shots being fired. As we approached our designated area, the shots became louder. I can also hear my heart beating. Excited? Yes. Nervous? Hell yeah!

We reached the area and the first thing that greeted us was this poster on gun safety. So this is it? Am I going to shoot using a real gun? I can just watch instead of shooting. These are the conversations I have in my head.

The Range Officer talked about gun safety for beginners. He elaborated on each item. He explained the stance and how to handle the revolver and pistol.

One must stand firmly on the ground, feet apart, shoulders and elbows are relaxed. The v-shaped of the dominant hand, between your thumb and index finger must be behind the back of the gun. The weak hand should cover the dominant hand. For the revolver, the fingers must be away from the bullets because it may get burned when gun fired.

Look at the target with your dominant eye. If your dominant hand is your right hand, the dominant eye is your left eye. Align the target in between the back indicator of the gun. Also, it must be aligned on the front indicator of the gun. Inhale and hold your breath. Exhale and pull the trigger.

I can cheer on the sidelines. It was all I can think of as the officer explained the Do’s and Dont’s. After that, the real deal begins.Ladies first! Whoever made that line should be sued. Not that, I am against it or okay with it, but I need to see first before executing it.

We were made to wear ear and eye protection. The range officer would once in a while make jokes since he felt my nervousness as I held the gun in my hand. I was stiff. I can feel my shoulders tensed and my arms straighten. He pushed the hammer back of the revolver to load the bullet. Everything that surmised during the gun safety and orientation, I tried to execute. I held my breath. Exhaled and I fired.

Woah! That was loud. The bullet made a hole on the upper right but still within the target. My hand jerked to the right, the officer said. I adjusted myself and shot all the bullets loaded.


“Good for a beginner.” The officer told me.

I was satisfied with trying out the revolver but they didn’t want me to miss out on the pistol. They let me load the bullet, but I can’t. So I was assisted and I shot right away. It was like breathing but I am not so sure if all bullets were inside the target.

I was a ball of nerves when we had the gun safety and orientation thinking why I was even so excited in the first place. However, the high was different. It is dangerous but you are in control because you are handling the gun. I am certain I am willing to do it again. But not so soon though, my ears need to recover.

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