Underarm hair no more

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I was blessed for not having a lot of body hair (that explains my fine hair as well as my Mona Lisa eye brows ). However, that did not exempt me from having hair on my underarms.

The road to pretty underarms requires time and money. I already posted my morning and night routine for my underarms (check my blog here) so why not invest in a laser hair removal procedure.

I have tried plucking, shaving, hair removal creams and wax. They all did their job in removing underarm hair and that’s it. But it put a lot of stress on my underarms. For hair removal creams, I tried using once and it stings. After a few days, my armpits became itchy and thick hair were sprouting. I ditched hair removal creams inmediately.

Cold wax gave me cuts (not really). I am a clumsy girl and pulling the wax paper really hard had my hand hit a metal object. Also, you would have to repeat applying the cold wax because the hair won’t be removed in one application. The paper won’t get it all.

I decided not to use hot wax because of my clumsy self. I might burn myself or our house down. So I stuck with shaving. After years of shaving, it had left my underarms dark and rough. Hence, I decided to undergo laser hair removal procedure.

I am currently in my second package, second session. Each package have 12 sessions. The procedure would require a three-week interval per session. However, I sometimes do a month interval since the hair is so small.

The attendant would shave your underarms and cleanse it. Ice will be applied to your underarms for its numbing effect. Gel will be spread on your underarms before laser. Normally, it would take around 50 pulses (yes I count). Then gel will be scraped off from the underarms, wiped and reapplied with ice. You will be advised no to wet it with water for eight hours.

Recently, I would have at most five really thin hair after two months of the session. The attendants told me that some would get their next session after six months. With this procedure, I could wear my favorite hubadera outfits without thinking if I already shaved. Also, I can travel for long periods (such a hassle carrying hair removal products while travelling).

If you are considering of getting this procedure. I reckon that you should get this as early as now. Your underarms will thank you for it. Also, I wouldn’t have foregone so many times wearing sleeveless tops during my younger days.

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