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Becoming a Mermaid Episode 3: First Beach Trip

Becoming a Mermaid, Inspiration

Hey! It has been a while since I last posted for this series. I have not yet finished my Beginner’s swimming lessons due to conflict of schedule for the first two months and the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) by March.

I am glad that I was able to make time to meet up with my high school friends and go to the beach for some snorkeling action before the ECQ. This means my first beach trip ever since I had swimming lessons.

We went to this private resort in Lapu-Lapu. I guess it was a members’ only resort. It was a Sunday however there are only a few guests. We agreed on going to be beach instead of the pool. We left our stuff on a mat, take some pictures and hit the beach (the featured picture was my only decent picture).

I remember going in the water with my arms stretched over my head like how I always do in my lessons. I am sure it looked funny from other people on the beach. I tried what I learned during my lessons. It was easier to swim in salt water compared to the pool (remember your physics lessons about buoyancy?) but still I have difficulty with my form. I gave up practicing my form and just enjoyed snorkeling.

I have no qualms in going further when I snorkeled. My swimming lessons definitely gave me confidence to swim to deeper and enjoy the underwater. Also, I tried treading which I did fairly well compared in the pool. I wasn’t as scared of bumping my poor toes like in the pool.

Hence, it made me look forward for my last session for beginner’s lesson. Who knows I might continue taking lessons. But I think, it wouldn’t be anytime soon because of our province’s restrictions due to COVID-19. So this blog series will have to wait.

Until then!

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