A temporary stop


And just like that, it is already June. It hit me that almost half of 2020 is gone. The first two months were a blur. It was kind of trial months feel. Is it the same for you too? For some reason, March ended so fast because of deadlines. Then came, April and May wherein Cebu is under Enhanced Community Quarantine due to COVID-19.

As I flip the pages of my planner; travels got cancelled or moved and opportunities became heartbreaks. I am quite functioning if I am faced with work but somwhat in a slump to face my personal goals. 2020 just cancelled on me (probably most of us) big time.

It is just recently I am starting to get back on track. Looking at my yearly goals, it disappoints me how I haven’t really started anything yet. If I could just forget 2020 entirely. But I couldn’t live with myself if I hadn’t checked at least one of them. And so, from a two pages goals, it reduced and left me with three. Now, I just need to focus on them and follow through.

You might be experiencing the same too. How about we turn them into chances? Chances to re-evaluate, prioritize and most importantly to act because nothing ever comes if it is all in paper love (this reminder is mostly for me).

Or maybe just another chance to indulge in the little things. Chances to dine together with family, connect with  friends and laugh (despite being muffled because of masks) with workmates. So fret not, this inactivity isn’t gonna last forever.

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