Quarantine Career

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It has been seven months since the full-on COVID-19 response of the world through quarantine, ban, and restrictions. For most of us, we haven’t felt quite ourselves. But slowly, we are adapting to what is called the “New normal”.

The new normal involves some businesses adapting to work from home arrangements and stringent protocols; leaving a gray area for a vacation to almost none. Hence, the need for us to do new things or try new trends to keep us entertained or distracted.

I am not exempted from this. My 2020 would have been “the year”. Everything has been planned out from the weekly beach trip (swimming lessons), monthly suroy-suroy Sugbo to out-of-the-country birthday getaways.

Here are a few things I tried during the quarantine period or I dare say my “Quarantine Career”.


For those who know me personally, I have not been in the kitchen if it involves cooking. Yes, I wash dishes and cut up vegetables or prepare ingredients. But cooking? NAH!

But all through high school I always did the cooking. It was during college that my brother has taken a liking to cook. So why bother?

During the quarantine period, I had cravings. At that time, delivery of food was rare and I am not too keen on using apps. So I end up making them.

Korean, Italian, or Mexican food; If I crave it I make it. But the real winner here is my mom. She longed to see me whip up some dishes in the kitchen and quarantine made me do it without her asking.


Years before I own various herbs; tarragon, parsley, basil, rosemary, dill, and even stevia. But they all died on me. Succulents that are difficult to kill did not survive under my care.

The quarantine had sparked my interest in plants again. Especially it was all over Instagram. I bought a cigar plant and some sansevieria for my own space. I even put aloe vera and cactus (my friend got them for my birthday) in my bathroom.

My indoor plants made my space brighter and cozier. I was quite surprised that they survived. Imagine my 4 ft cigar plant is now 5ft. That’s a feat considering how their predecessors end up.


Not the Army that you are thinking but BTS’ ARMY.

BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan is a South Korean Idol group that debuted last 2013. They are recognized through their songs, amazing stages, Billboard-topping hits, love yourself campaign, and large fan base (called Army).

I noticed BTS when they performed during the MAMA 2014. I mean who wouldn’t (this is the time you search it up on youtube)? Since then I have been interested in their songs and even wanted to attend their concert last 2016.

Plants, BTS
Pajama party with my cigar plant and BT21 jammies.

2020 hits very differently because of the pandemic. All I see on my social networking sites were very depressing news. While scrolling through my feed, I came across a tweet showing their funny interactions. After that my social networking sites are filled with BTS. I even talked about it on my previous blog.

They have been releasing music, online concerts, interviews, variety shows all through quarantine which has kept me busy and happy. Their lives and tweets filled with comforting words have strengthened me. BTS helped me go through this pandemic. I can safely say BTS saved my 2020. BTS saved me.

These “Quarantine Careers” have helped me go through this pandemic. There were self-discoveries and re-discoveries. Many of which I might just be trying out but hopefully some would stick around until this pandemic will be over.

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