The Evil that is called Credit Card

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Or as they say.

Up to now I can still hear some people say that they do not own credit cards because it not good for them. But truly are credit cards evil?

Credit cards have changed the way of purchasing. You can get services or products without actually paying for it yet. Paying for these items depends on the terms the banks are giving you.

Owning one of these small rectangular plastic card has a quite some advantages.

  • Auto debit for utilities
  • Easier online purchases
  • Installment with zero percent interest for large purchases
  • Deferred payments for purchases

Even with the above advantages, there are still others who are having second thoughts on owning credit cards. Below are some tricks for credit cards owners:

1. Credit cards with no annual fees

There are credit cards who are offering no annual fees however some would require to reach a certain amount. Hence, check the fine print or talk with a customer service representative.

2. Treat credit cards as cash

Credit card has credit limit. If you have good credit standing; you pay on time, the credit limit would increase yearly. But it does not mean that you can use all your credit limit.

The amount you purchase using your credit card is still dependent on the money you have or you will have.

3. Monitor credit card purchases

Just like your any other cash expenses, credit card purchases must be monitored. Reiterating the amount ypu purchase is dependent on the money you have or you will have.

4. On time and full payments

Late charges and interest rates are the culprits why debt on credit card won’t end. Be sure to pay prior the due date and in full.

5. Acquire two credit cards

It pays to know when your statement dates and due dates for your credit cards. By knowing such, you can strategize which credit card to use. It is also advantageous to have credit cards with different payment cycle. You can defer credit card payments up to two months.

Also, if you have balances from one credit card you can transfer it to another credit card which has lower interest rate.

6. Avail credit card rewards or promo

Every purchase using your credit card you acquire points which can be used for annual dues, services or product. Read through emails provided by credit card company to know more about converting your reward points.

Sometimes credit card companies have promo by purchasing at specific stores wherein you may have a chance to win gift cards or goodies with the same amount you purchased.

Basically, a credit card is a tool to support us in our purchases. And as a mere tool, it depends on us the owner of the credit card, on how to manage them to our advantage.

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