Staycations in the midst of Pandemic

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Travelling has been difficult because of the pandemic. One might require tests, clearance from place of residence, acceptance letter from the place of destination, and quarantine (recently requirements have eased up). Not to mention the fear and anxiety that comes with traveling.

Staycations are probably the answer to “vacation” amid pandemics. I have always loved staycations (click on the link for my previous blog on staycations) and it has been the easiest route to unwind when traveling is out of the picture.

Hotels and resorts have been greatly affected by COVID-19. Some have laid-off workers, reduced working days and some have even closed their doors permanently. Despite the low influx of guests, the hospitality industry has tried its best to stay afloat. They have promos and offerings for a discounted price.

We took the advantage of booking an overnight stay at a Lapu-Lapu City beach resort. It has been a year since I traveled and I need some sun, salt, and sand.

We arrived at the resort wearing the prescribed face masks and face shields. At the lobby, our temperatures were checked. Our hands were sanitized. There were footbaths too. Upon checking in our rooms, we were asked to fill out contact tracing forms.

There were signages posted around the hotels on wearing face masks and sanitizing or washing the hands. The beach beds and lounge areas have enough distance to follow the required physical distancing.

The room has alcohol for sanitizing aside from its complimentary drinks. Room service is not available as a control for COVID-19 and breakfast is plated.

There were only a few guests during our stay. The beach and lounge areas are ours. It was serene and a relaxing time for us.

Face mask amd face shield were put aside for a quick photo.

It is understandable one would be anxious in staying at resorts or hotels because of the risk of COVID-19. However, I have to commend the resort for placing the necessary controls for their guests not to feel anxious during their stay and risk contacting COVID-19.

Also, as guests, it is necessary to follow protocols and controls such as wearing the proper PPEs and physical distancing. This staycation in the midst of pandemic gave me a sense of normalcy that despite the pandemic one can have a sound mind by having mini breaks.

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