Samboan, Fantasy Lodge

Samboan: Face Mask and Face Shield on

Cebu, Wanders

A year into COVID-19 and Cebu province has already encouraged local tourism. There were protocols in place when traveling from one city to another such as confirmed hotel accommodation, medical certificates, and the necessary face mask, face shield, and physical distancing.

It has also been a year since I have traveled. While talking with friends and how we missed traveling and how all our 2020 plans went down the drain. We decided on traveling within Cebu given that it is now okay to travel within the province. But taking the necessary precautions.

For us to travel safely and without anxiety, we followed the necessary protocols. We booked our hotel, got checked by doctors and had our medical certificates ready at checkpoints, prepared our face masks, face shields, and alcohol, and traveled in a private car.

We went to Samboan, a municipality in the southern part of Cebu. Below are some of the activities we had during this pandemic:

Visit Samboan Church

Usually, the first place we go to a certain place for the first time is to visit the church. We prayed and lit some candles and made our wishes.

The paintings on the ceiling of the Samboan Church were elaborate.

I guess we all had the same wish that hopefully, this pandemic will be over soon.

Lunch at Lantaw de Samboan

We had Bisayang Manok and Adobo at Lantaw de Samboan. We can see the entire Samboan and the adjacent island of Negros. The view is amazing.

A fulfilling lunch for my tummy and eyes.

Chasing waterfalls in Balayg Sawa Falls

Some of the falls were closed but Balayg Sawa falls is open since it is a property of a friend. The name of the falls came from a huge hole at the side of the falls which the name translates to “Snake’s House”.

The water was too cold for my liking. But the place was enchanting.

The path to the falls has stairs however going back after enjoying the falls is so tiring and sweaty. Only heavy breathing escaped my lips the entire way. I wish there was a convenience store for some ice-cold Coke.

Lounging at Fantasy Lodge

We mostly stayed in our accommodation by lounging and swimming. Fantasy Lodge only had a minimum number of guests which adheres to the protocols. As well as contact tracing, signages and PPEs required.

Mornings at Fantasy Lodge were spent staring at the horizon and breakfast.

The sunsets are so pretty. I love their pool because the water is so warm and pretty deep too. I kind of practiced swimming since I miss my lessons (check out my Becoming a Mermaid series).

It was a short trip and worthwhile. We had karaoke sessions during the ride and laughter about stories exchanged late at night. Despite the pandemic, we were able to quench our travel-hungry souls. These precious moments will become our batteries for the next months as we go through our normal lives.

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